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Henson won't start this weekend

Drew Henson has a new diary up, and he talks about his injury.

With my knee injury I'm not sure how much time that I'll really get to play. The coaches haven't made that decision yet. With something like this you just have to wait and see what it does. I've just been rehabbing it each day to see what kind of progress is being made. That is how will evaluate it. This is my first major injury and it's been a while since I've been questionable for a game. This is not a position that you want to be in, but right now that's the way it is.

On thing we know, Timmy Chang will start instead of Henson in this weekend's game.
Rhein will start the game with Chang at the helm again after Henson was named as doubtful to play this weekend, but Sea Devils defensive line coach Denauld Brown has his players ready to cause havoc in the Fire backfield whoever is playing.

Too bad for Henson, he was working hard over in NFLE and getting some valuable experience. It would've been nice to see him down the stretch at full-strength, to see what he does under the pressure of having to win each of the last two games to have a chance at the World Bowl.

One other thing, don't book your European vacation with travel agent Drew Henson.

Before the game I was a planning a trip to go to Prague. Out of all the places in Germany that's the one I wanted to see the most, but when I got injured it cancelled that.

Uh, Drew, Prague is in the Czech Republic, not Germany. Maybe Drew meant the place he most wanted to see while he was playing in Germany this season. Oh well, he's not on the Cowboys roster for his geography skills.

Backup TE Brett Pierce gets some ink from a local paper. Nice write-up for a guy who isn't even sure he'll make the team. But he's working hard, and likes to make his presence known around Valley Ranch.

NFL players are required to attend 40 offseason workouts. For the Pierces, 50 is better. Sixty, better squared.

The coaches "like it when you're around. The more people who see you working out, it shows you care," Pierce said.

Showing up in the weight room isn't enough. "The coaches talk to the strength coach a lot. They have a lot of influence with the position and head coaches," Pierce said. "So you better show a desire to work."

Pierce said he isn't getting any help from Parcells as to what his future holds.
"He's infamous for not letting people know," Pierce said.

Planting roots in the community is a gamble for someone like Pierce. For living quarters, he rents a room from one of the Cowboys' team doctors, rather than lease a condominium or buy a house.

"Tomorrow, I could be gone," Pierce said.

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