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Another "on the couch" analysis of Parcells/Owens

John Czarnecki over at FOX Sports takes his turn in analyzing the Bill Parcells/Terrell Owens affair. Unfortunately, his effort doesn't match the article by Jeffri Chadiha from yesterday, but he does give his own view into the mind of Eldorado.

I don't even think he sits up at night thinking of evil ways to screw with a quarterback, a coach or a teammate. It just comes naturally to T.O. He's one of those beautiful people who speaks and acts first and later senses that he may have been out of line -- consequences be damned. He is basically selfish. He works hard because he doesn't want anyone to look better than he does with their shirts off. And part of showing off is scoring a lot of touchdowns, which means he needs the ball as much as possible in order to celebrate. And the last thing you should know is that you can't diss him and say you can win without him.

OK, fair enough. It takes two to tango, so no matter what Parcellls does; Owens has to do his part also. Czarnecki also ponders life in Dallas without Parcells.

There will be plenty of candidates lined up to follow Parcells. Tennessee may be willing to part with Jeff Fisher. And who knows what Charlie Weis at Notre Dame may think about replacing his former mentor?

There's that name again, Charlie Weis.

Pro Football Weekly has a blurb about the Cowboys offseason.

Draft pick who'll contribute immediately: OLB Bobby Carpenter slightly edges out TE Anthony Fasano, both of whom have an excellent chance to start. Carpenter has some work to do, learning a new defensive scheme, which is a more difficult chore than what Fasano must do. But Carpenter's speed and strength will give the run defense a boost, as well as the pass rush.

Draft pick who'll surprise: Sixth-rounder Montavious Stanley might be able to earn some reps as the backup nose tackle, in La'Roi Glover's old role. Stanley lacks speed but can two-gap and should fill a role.

Veteran due to have a comeback: SS Roy Williams had a very ordinary season last year, no two ways about it. He was below average in coverage and wasn't the dynamic playmaker up front as he had been. Expect more fireworks this season with a better situation at free safety.

Position they must still address: The offensive line is the weak link. And with immobile QB Drew Bledsoe taking snaps, the protection must improve.

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