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Gailey to blame for passing on Moss

Todd Archer agrees that Parcells gets his way on football issues (sub. required).
But he does offer one glimpse of Jerry Jones over-ruling Parcells, atlthough it wasn't an actual "on the field" issue.

Parcells wanted to get bigger players, move to the 3-4, sign Drew Bledsoe, acquire Keyshawn Johnson, trade for Terry Glenn, sign Jason Ferguson, Richie Anderson and any other former Jets. Jones did so. About the only time Parcells has not gotten his wish is when he wanted Anderson moved to the coaching staff. If Parcells didn't want Terrell Owens, or had put up a stink, he wouldn't be a Cowboy.

That's what I've been trying to say for weeks, despite everything else that has been said, when it comes to the players on the field, Parcells is still in charge.

There was another interesting nugget tucked away in Archer's article.

Chan Gailey wanted nothing to do with Randy Moss, so the Cowboys didn't draft Moss.

Maybe I just missed this before, but I always thought it was Jerry who passed on Moss because of the Michael Irvin stuff that immediately preceded the Moss draft. The whole time I'd been blaming Jerry for it, but it turns out it was Chan Gailey, who no one thought had any power within the organization. Maybe this was the reason Gailey was fired so quickly after amassing a respectable 18-14 record with two straight trips to the playoffs. Jerry just couldn't take the fact that Moss turned out to be so good and he had passed on him because of Gailey. Or maybe it was the two straight playoff losses, but at least they were getting into the playoffs.

Yahoo Sports has Dallas at #3 in their rankings of NFC teams this offseason.

3. Dallas Cowboys - As always, the one-season honeymoon with Terrell Owens should mean big things on offense. The loss of Larry Allen hurts, but Kyle Kosier and Jason Fabini will help solidify the offensive line. That will help Julius Jones bounce back with the kind of production most expected last season. Akin Ayodele should thrive under Bill Parcells, and all of those young defensive line additions last year will blossom this season.

Ray Donaldson who played center for the Cowboys (95-96) is being inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. A brief blurb on Donaldson:

Donaldson broke new ground in the NFL as the first black center. During a decorated 17-year career, Donaldson played 244 games and was named to the Pro Bowl six times while playing for the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts (1980-1992), Seattle Seahawks (1993-94) and Dallas Cowboys (1995-96). He won a Super Bowl with Dallas in 1995.

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