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Vanderjagt is key

Mike Vanderjagt is the key signing for the Cowboys, according to this article. I agree that Vanderjagt should solve an issue that cost us at least two games last year, maybe three. What I'm worried about is the kickoff situation and having to carry an extra player on the roster. Even though I like the Vanderjagt signing, I still wonder why we didn't make more of a run at Adam Vinatieri, the Colts didn't pay that much more for Vinatieri and he can handle the kickoff duties.

Maybe it was the fact that they were intent on signing Matt Bryant, and according to an NFL source I spoke with who had knowledge of the situation, Parcells was actually very confident he would sign Bryant the second free-agency began. At the last moment, Bryant instead opted to re-sign with the Bucs, leaving Dallas to scramble for a replacement.

All in all though, Vanderjagt is very accurate FG kicker and more than anything else, we need a guy who can get those points. Parcells likes to play conservative in the redzone, so having a kicker who can cash those in is doubly important for the Cowboys.

The bottom line: Vanderjagt is an 87.5 % career kicker - the best in NFL history. In 2003, Vanderjagt made all of his 37 field goal attempts and last year he was 23 for 25. These numbers are mind-boggling. Compare that to the dismal 71% (20 for 28) kicking of Cortez, Cundiff, and Suisham.

Scott Wright has written a pretty good article examining our draft. He gives the draft the same grade as me, agrees that Bobby Carpenter was the right pick for our scheme and that Jason Hatcher might have been a reach in the 3rd round - all things I agree with - so I'm recommending his article. See how easy that is - just agree with me and I'll recommend your article. Just kidding, but I do agree with most of what he wrote. Here's the summary:

One thing you have to give Dallas a ton of credit for is bringing in players who will fit in well schematically, which is a very underrated quality. It will be very hard for this class to match what last year's was able to accomplish as rookies but at the same time Carpenter should be an instant starter while others such as Fasano, Green, Watkins and Stanley could make an impact relatively early on in their pro careers. The Dallas Cowboys won't earn many style points this year and I would have liked to have seen them grab a free safety earlier but they did get a bunch of guys who will contribute for a legitimate playoff contender, which is easier said than done.


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