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Camping with Terrell

Hey kids, if you're between 7 and 17 years of age, you can plunk down $195 and hang out with Eldorado at football camp. Activities include: obscene endzone celebrations, berating your QB (straight or gay version), dividing a locker room, and giving interviews that will surely land you on the front page of the paper. Time permitting at the end of camp, T.O. will show you how to catch a football. Good times for all, so sign up now!

Nick Eatman looks at the Cowboys QB situation, and raises the possibbility that our successor to Bledsoe is not on the current roster. Eatman isn't impressed with Henson's NFLE stay, while I would argue that it has probably done a lot for Henson, and he will show that in training camp.

But since Henson hasn't exactly lit up NFL Europe this summer - his 84.7 QB rating ranks third in the six-team league - his prospects of one day becoming the Cowboys' quarterback of the future seem to have diminished. Henson this spring has completed 101 of 183 passes (55.2 percent) for 1,188 yards, nine touchdowns and three interceptions. He averages, though, only 6.49 yards per attempt.

Henson played through some problems including a bad pass-blocking offensive line, injuries to his two starting WR's and now his own knee injury. I expect him to challenge Romo for the #2 spot in camp.

By the way, Tuna Helper has an interesting discussion started on Drew Beldsoe over in the diaries, click here to join the discussion.

Speaking of broken-down old Cowboy QB's - just kidding Bledsoe, you're the man - Vinny Testaverde looks like he's going to officially retire.

One team has floated the idea of Testaverde being a player/coach, tutoring its young quarterback and having the veteran ready to step in if needed. But at this point, the player/coach scenario is a long shot. More likely, Testaverde gets a public farewell, much like the one that the New England Patriots threw for Flutie on Monday.

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