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Cowboys news blurbs

Some ex-Cowboys are getting into the College Football Hall of Fame. Talk about burying the lede, the DMN article starts off with a story about S Thomas Everett instead of all-time rushing king and Dallas Cowboy icon Emmitt Smith, who are both set to enter the Hall. I don't know, maybe the author had a Thomas Everett jersey when he was a kid or something. Anyway, they're getting in along with Chad Hennings.

RanchReport has some info on the kicker that was at the rookie mini-camp, Chris McMurtray.

"I'm here to kick off," McMurtray said. "Yeah, I'd like to kick field goals, too, but they signed Mike Vanderjagt. The team has a lot of money invested in him, and he's the most accurate kicker in NFL history. You've got to be a little realistic."


If he chooses to do that, McMurtray can fill the role. As a senior at SMU, he made special teams a real weapon for the Mustangs, taking away the opponents' kickoff return game with booming kickoffs into the end zone. He also finished his college career by hitting 17 consecutive field goals, including a game-winning 47-yarder in SMU's win over the University of Houston.

This little item was tucked at the bottom of Spags' article yesterday and qualifies as today's moment of zen:

See where free-agent wide receiver Freddie Mitchell is claiming he's been "blackballed" by the NFL since no one has bothered to sign him, and that he's still working out in Atlanta - with Terrell Owens. So, at least you know Owens is working out.

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