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Sign 'em Jerry

Time for Jerry and Stephen to handle some business. Let's get these guys locked up ASAP.

While the Cowboys might not add any more new players this summer, Jones said the Cowboys still have some unfinished business.

"We've got a few guys with contracts coming up here next year that we want to look at start addressing," Jones said. "We're in good shape this year on the salary cap, but we have some things to look at."

Safety Roy Williams, tight end Jason Witten and linebacker Bradie James will all be unrestricted free agents after the 2006 season unless they are signed to an extension.

"Those are obvious guys that we need to take a look at and see if things make sense," Jones said. "It's something we would certainly like to get behind us because those are the type of people that we want to have on our football team."

Don't let it get to the free agent stage, you never know what can happen.

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