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Greg Ellis still not a happy camper

Greg Ellis still isn't happy playing in the Cowboys 3-4 defensive scheme. I wrote a couple of months ago that Dallas would pay his bonus but would trade him in the run-up to the draft for more picks. The trade part didn't happen but I'm wishing it had. I like Greg Ellis, I think he's a very good DE in a 4-3 scheme. But the guy's just not happy, and nothing is worse than having a guy with talent on your team who isn't happy about being on the team.

Apparently, Ellis is going to have a meeting with the Cowboys brass to discuss his role on the team. JJT has some of the details in this article.

"Greg has stated his position ... [that] the 3-4 doesn't fit him," Jones said. "But we don't play the 3-4 all of the time. We're going to play some four-man fronts. I haven't seen players of the caliber of Greg Ellis compromised by a scheme. They can usually win for you no matter the scheme."

Yeah, but basically what you're doing Jerry is telling a guy who's fully capable of starting in a 4-3 scheme, that he's a role player, a specialty guy. I just don't see Ellis being happy with that situation. Ellis is so miffed that he's doing something most un-Ellis like.

A source said Ellis has not participated in coach Bill Parcells' off-season program, which requires the players to complete 40 workouts in a 10-week period.

Ugh, this could turn ugly. Mac Engel has another article that is more from the Ellis side of the equation.

Williams [Ellis' agent] would not say whether Ellis would seek a trade or a release if he is not going to be played the way he hopes. Jones said Ellis had requested neither. The Cowboys paid Ellis a $500,000 roster bonus, and his salary cap figure is $3.3 million for the 2006 season.

Dallas is pretty limited in their options right now so Jerry better hope he can talk Ellis down in their upcoming meeting. I still say they should've traded him for draft picks and moved on.

Engel also has a little more on the Vanderjagt kickoff issue.

"Kicker Mike Vanderjagt said he does not want to kick off.

However, "From an ego standpoint, I would rather do it than having some guy come in and say, 'Well, Vanderjagt can't do it so we have to bring in a guy,'" Vanderjagt said. "Kickoffs are a no-win situation. It's a thankless job."

Oy! He wants to handle kickoffs because of ego? Not because it helps the team or he's the best for the job or whatever. If I'm Parcells I don't risk it with this guy, I just tell him to shut up and kick FG's and I waste a roster spot on a kickoff specialist.

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