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Drew Henson news

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A couple of articles about Drew Henson. First, CBS Sportsline takes a look at Henson and what this NFLE experience means to him.

He was successful then, and he's successful now -- throwing nine touchdowns, three interceptions and winning five of his eight starts with the Rhein Fire. Maybe that means nothing to you, but it should to Dallas.

That's because Drew Henson has shown signs of becoming the quarterback the Cowboys imagined when they traded a third-round draft choice to Houston for him two years ago. And he has shown signs of becoming the quarterback who could figure into the future of the Cowboys ... if someone in that organization would just give the guy a look.

Drew's stats were OK for the season, but watching him you could see the talent he has and maybe a glimpse of his future. We'll just have to wait until the Bledsoe era ends to find out.

His team, the Rhein Fire, has to win its game on Saturday and hope Frankfurt loses to make the World Bowl. This should be a good test for Drew, a pressure-packed game to end the season and a chance at the playoffs. Henson is returning to the starting lineup after sitting out with a knee injury.

Fire quarterback, Drew Henson agreed with this statement and added that, "winning this home game will be huge for the Fire organization and fans." After sitting out last game nursing his knee injury Henson is to make his return to the starting line up. During his one week absence Timmy Chang took over and had minimal progress during his first start of the season.

Finally, Drew has another diary up, and it proves that he needs to succeed in the NFL as a QB, because his writing skills sure won't pay the bills.

If I had an incident that I would look back on and smile I would have to say being able to make plays from behind. All the times that our offensive unit had to come from behind to win would be the best moments. That's probably the biggest thing that I can carry over when I go back to the States. Getting back in the flow of being on the field was a great thing for me, because it won't be long until training camp starts. So by the time I get rested we'll be going again. I think that all the things I worked on here will be things that I can put to use when I get back to Dallas.

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