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BTB congratulates itself on draft coverage

You can read it in the DMN, or you can save time and read it on BTB a day earlier. Ok, I'm just kidding - sort of - but I think we all did a pretty good job on covering this draft. Take a look at Matt Mosley's article today and compare it to what we were saying yesterday.

Another player the Cowboys liked heading into the draft was Pittsburgh guard Charles Spencer (6-4, 352), who went to the Texans. Trading down in the third round may have cost them a shot at the versatile player. And in the fourth round, the Cowboys liked an offensive tackle from Washington named Joe Toledo, but the Dolphins ended up taking him.

I believe this blog was calling for Charles Spencer in the third round. Instead we got a draft project.

Instead, the Cowboys selected Grambling defensive end Jason Hatcher (6-6, 284). He is, by his admission, a project.


But for now, it's obvious that the club doesn't expect Hatcher to make an immediate impact.

Man, I can't help but feeling this was a missed opportunity, but all can be made right if Jason Hatcher some day becomes Leon Lett, the comparison Jerry Jones is shopping to the media.

So here's a quick breakdown: Two starters for 2006 (First-round pick Bobby Carpenter and Fasano), a return specialist and possible fourth receiver in fourth-round pick Skyler Green and some depth at nose tackle with Louisville's Montavious Stanley.

Yeah, we already knew all that over here. One place we differ is Mosley is shaky on the Pat Watkins pick, while BTB thinks he'll be a big contributor. Oh yeah, about those 7th round picks, Mosley concurs with BTB.

Yes, folks in Lubbock rejoiced when Texas Tech offensive tackle E.J. Whitley was taken in the seventh round, but neither he nor offensive tackle Pat McQuistan, also a seventh-round pick, is likely to see playing time.

I hated these picks; they really killed what was shaping up as a stellar second day of the draft.

Anyway, I just wanted to brag on this Cowboys community, we had the draft covered.

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