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Jason Ferguson ready to take over

You almost never hear from NT Jason Ferguson, so when I read this article I decided to give him a little more ink. Ferguson is now the man at the NT spot with the release of La'Roi Glover. Backing him up will be rookie draft choice Montavious Stanley and last year's surprise player to make the roster, Thomas "Pepper" Johnson. Ferguson didn't have the stand-out year many had hoped but this year it's time for him to rebound. Hopefully he'll play like he did for the Jets and help turn a young and inexperienced but
talented defensive line into a force.

"I think with us just coming in, we did pretty good last year. We were in the top 10 as far as defense," Ferguson said. "So for a first-year team, doing that was a good job. But now everybody knows what's expected (in the 3-4), and I was pretty much raised in that system with Bill in New York."

"I think the best thing a leader can do is show it on the field," the nine-year veteran said. "If you're out there making plays, getting everybody together, that comes with it. If you're not making plays, nobody wants to listen to you. But I've been playing that role almost my whole career."

Ferguson said his biggest adjustment last season was acclimating to the hotter weather in Texas. He spent all eight of his previous seasons in the cooler environs of New York. The biggest surprise, he said, was how fanatic Cowboys fans can be. "I'm always excited to meet the fans, and one thing I've learned about being a Dallas Cowboy, you have fans around the nation," Ferguson said. "Everywhere we play, we can match the visiting stadium with our fans. That was a big shock to me."

Our old friend Quincy Carter is getting back into the game in the Great White North. No, I'm not talking about hockey; I'm talking about being a back-up QB. But he can't escape his past and had some things to say about his time in Dallas.

"I did some things wrong. I don't want to make it sound like I did nothing wrong," said Carter, who didn't play in 2005. "I did fail a (drug) test. Several other plays have done so as well."

There have been things reported about Carter which he simply claims are untrue. He denies ever having tested positive for cocaine or that he suffers from a bipolar disorder. He denies having violated the NFL's substance-abuse policy more than once or that he spent a portion of last year at a Houston-based treatment centre.

"I've been blamed for a lot," he said. "Some things were said that aren't true in Dallas, and they still haven't been cleared up. I might have done some bad things . . . but there are some things people should be more aware of. I never failed a test for cocaine; that's just a rumour. So much has been written that isn't true.

So Q was just a pot-head in Dallas, not a coke fiend. Canada might not be the best place for him though; they have some pretty lenient laws about pot up there.

Carter says he hasn't used marijuana in close to two years and, while playing for the Jets, he underwent numerous drug tests, according to his agent, Eugene Parker. He need not worry in the CFL, where no drug-testing policy exists.

Holy smoke, no drug-testing policy? Break out the bongs my friends, we're all going to Q's place for a good old-fashioned smoke-out!

Mickey Spags answers his mail.

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