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Julius Jones eyes iunjury-free season

Julius Jones is becoming something of an enigma in Dallas. Everybody knows he has the talent to be a star in this league. But there are still questions about him. Is he durable enough to be a starting RB in the NFL? He's spent a lot of games on the bench so far in his young two-year career.

There is a another troublesome aspect to JJ. Last year, for the first six games or so when he was healthy, he didn't resemble the player he was in the last games of his rookie campaign. JJ didn't register a 100-yard rushing game all year until the Carolina game at Christmas - where he looked like his old self and then some.

Some of this may have been problems with the o-line, but I don't think the 2004 o-line was that much superiror to the 2005 line - at least until Flozell got hurt. Whatever the case, JJ is out to prove he's durable and this being his third-year, that he's ready to take thing's to a new level.

"I just want go a whole season without getting hurt," said Jones, who just had 993 yards and five touchdowns last season. "All I want to do is make it through 16 games. If I can do that, then I'll be fine."


"Yeah, it's really a big year," he said. "I guess I feel like that every year, but especially with this being my third year. I think I've had two decent years, but this year I'm hoping will be a really big year. Once again, I want to make it through a whole season, and if I can do that, then I think it's possible."

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