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Drew Henson final numbers

Yesterday, Burger King had this item about Drew Henson in his MMQB article.

Stat of the Week
Drew Henson's middling numbers with the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe this spring:

Comp.    Att.    Pct.    Yards    TD    Int    QB Rating
109      203       .537    1,321    10    3        83.9

I'm sure that completion percentage won't endear him to Bill Parcells when Henson returns to training camp with the Cowboys in late July.

First off, I agree that a 54% completion rate won't make the Tuna happy. Regardless of how many passes were dropped by receivers - and there were quite a few - the QB ends up taking the brunt of the criticism.

Then I started think about how these numbers would project out over an NFL season. Henson started and played nine games in NFLE this year and accumulated the above stats. But remember, he sat out the 2nd qtr of every game while Timmy Chang played. So essentially he played three quarters a game for nine games, meaning he played 27 quarters of football. 27 quarters of football equals around 7 games (27/4 = 6.75).

So the above stats are for roughly 7 games played. So to project his numbers out over a 16 game season, multiply his numbers by 2.3 (16/7 = 2.28).

So here are Henson's adjusted stats for a 16 game schedule:

Comp.    Att.    Pct.    Yards    TD    Int
251      467    .537    3,038    23    7

Now those are some pretty good numbers.

Of course, this proves absolutely nothing and my math is probably wrong somewhere along the way, but there it is.

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