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Cowboys related news

Some times you have to really stretch to find Cowboys news at this point in the offseason. So I bring you a trio of "Cowboys related" news stories.

The first one comes with a hat tip to Deke who posted it in the comments.

Our old friend and erstwhile QB Quincy Carter has met his demise in the Great White North.

TSN's sister station in Quebec RDS reports that quarterback Quincy Carter was released by the Montreal Alouettes on Tuesday night.

According to RDS, Carter suffered a groin injury and the move came just hours after he left the team's training camp.

Ouch. Not even back-up material in the CFL now.

Colston Weatherington, a former Cowboy, is tearing it up in the AFL for the Dallas Desperados. He was named the 2006 AFL Lineman of the Year.

He was picked in the seventh round (207th overall) by the Cowboys in 2001, and the Central Missouri State lineman spent that entire season on the Cowboys practice squad. Weatherington then was shipped off to the Amsterdam Admirals of NFL Europe in 2002 before rejoining the Cowboys. He would play in three games that 2002 season. But he could do no better in 2003 than earning a spot on the Cowboys practice squad again to start the season, but wound up getting released in October. That's when the Desperados came calling.

I actually watch some AFL games, they are pretty entertaining. Living in Atlanta I root for the Georgia Force, who just happen to be playing the Desperados in the playoffs this weekend.

Hey, maybe Quincy can catch on in the AFL!

Nick Eatman has a long article about former Dallas Cowboys center Tom Rafferty.

A fourth-round draft pick in 1976, Rafferty wound up starting at right guard by his second season. He spent four years at guard before moving to center in 1981. Rafferty manned the middle for nine more seasons before he got caught up in Jimmy Johnson's youth movement in 1989.

Rafferty started eight games during his final season before finally giving way to a rookie named Mark Stepnoski, a guard in college who eventually developed into a five-time Pro Bowler at center.

Although he might have had a few more years left in his tank, Rafferty was not re-signed heading into the 1990 season. He retired from the NFL after that spring, but said he has no ill feelings towards Johnson or the Cowboys organization.

"Jimmy treated me well," Rafferty recalled. "He talked to me a lot. We had a decent relationship. You had to understand him. One minute he'd pat you on the back and the next minute he'd kick your butt. But let's face it, we didn't do a lot (in 1989) to make him a happy guy.

Update [2006-5-24 16:47:31 by Grizz]: An actual current Cowboy news item from the DFW S-T:

The Cowboys released rookie free-agent tight end Erik Gill on Wednesday. Gill signed with the Cowboys as a rookie free agent out of Pittsburgh after the 2006 NFL Draft.
OK, so it's not exactly a blockbuster story.

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