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Bledsoe and the Hall of Fame

This article is interesting.

It brings up a subject that we debated thoroughly on the Zone message board before last season. What will it take for Drew Bledsoe to make the Hall of Fame?

Entering his fourteenth NFL campaign, Bledsoe is 7th all-time in passing yards, having just passed Dan Fouts in 2005. He is also 13th all time in passing touchdowns, only 10 behind Fouts. Additionally, Fouts never played in a Super Bowl while Bledsoe led the 1996 New England Patriots to the Big Dance. He also chipped in to help the Pats win a Super Bowl back in 2001. Since Fouts was a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame, it stands to reason that Bledsoe will make it too, right?

The article goes on to list a variety of reasons Drew is not a lock at this point of his career. I have to agree, even though his numbers are fantastic he hasn't been considered an elite QB since his days under Parcells in New England. The fact that the Patriots went on to become a better team - and then a dynasty - once they benched and traded Bledsoe makes one think twice about Bledsoe's credentials.

I think for Bledsoe to lock-down a HoF induction he needs to reach the Super Bowl again and put up three good years in Dallas. I said this before the beginning of last season, and Bledsoe did put up good numbers last year. So if he goes for two more years in Dallas and makes it back to the Super Bowl, I think he gets in for sure. Otherwise, it will be up to the voters and that's never good for ex-Cowboys.

What's your guys take on it?

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