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Bobby Carpenter interview

ESPN News had an interview with first-round draft pick LB Bobby Carpenter today. Carpenter was dressed in a suit and tie with his long hair still intact. Here's a summary of the interview.

Describe your life as a Cowboy so far.

BC: Dallas is a lot warmer than Columbus, it's a great organization and Parcells has put me to work.

Highlight of the first month?

BC: I used to watch SportsCenter and saw guys bringing Parcells the water. I've had my first experience of bringing him the water in mini-camp.

How long are you the waterboy?

BC: I talked to DeMarcus Ware and he said it lasts all year, I thought it was just training camp.

How does he summon you for the water?

BC: In the first practice he blew the whistle for a water break. I went to get water and he said to me "You know what to do?' and I said "Yes sir" and went and got him the water.

How picky is he about the water?

BC: He's the only one who gets crushed ice. The trainers do all that, I'm just the waiter who delivers it.

What advice did your Dad give you about Parcells?

BC: He's a tough, intense guy, he will try to get the best out of you whether you like it or not. Be ready to handle his criticisms and respond to his challenges.

What's the first thing Parcells told you about your Dad?

BC: He said that my Dad would've made a better LB than me. He told me when I left mini-camp that my Dad was still the best in the family.

How do you see your role in Dallas?

BC: I want to have some kind of impact whether it's as a starter or a situational player.

Have you spoken to Terrell Owens yet?

BC: I haven't seen him yet.

Do you still talk to A.J. Hawk much?

BC: He is still my workout partner, we get up every morning at 6:00 AM to workout. We lift weights, run and work on some things.

Are you a Dallas Mavericks fan?

BC: I've always been a big fan of Dirk Nowitski, I used to be a Lakers' fan mainly because of Shaq, but now Dallas is my team in the West.

Do you feel any added pressure playing for the Dallas Cowboys?

BC: Not any added pressure. I looked around the locker room and saw the names of the guys playing here. On offense there is a lot of Pro-Bowl talent and the defense is young with a lot of rising stars.

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