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Cowboys news blurbs

Matt Mosley wrote one of his typical rambling articles that jumps from topic to topic without rhyme or reason. Among the items discussed was this blurb on Drew Hwnson.

But I think Parcells is more interested in that touchdown (10) to interception ratio (3). Contrary to popular belief, this organization hasn't given up on Henson. It would be easy to get discouraged once you're dropped to third-team status, but I've never heard him complain.

Those are good numbers, but the poor 53% completion rate balances them out. I think the Cowboys organization was more interested in Henson gaining game experience and running an offense. The hope is that it will translate into a training camp that gives them a real belief that Henson has a future. If the Parcells/Bledsoe combo is still running the show in 2007, it's possible they send Henson back to Europe for another round.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have their own reality show.

A new reality series DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM is scheduled to premiere on CMT: Country Music Television, in September.

DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM began as a two-hour special last November and is now an eight episode series that goes behind-the-scenes of the sacred tryouts of professional football′s most famous cheerleaders.

Maybe CMT can get the rights to Terrell Owens proposed reality show and make an all-Cowboy reality hour.

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