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Congrats to Lenny Williams (and Tom Crowder)

While most of my attention and the Dallas Cowboys' press in general has been on Drew Henson in NFLE, two other Dallas Cowboys' players managed to snag a championship. CB Lenny Williams and WR Tom Crowder played for the Frankfurt Galaxy who won the World Bowl yesterday, 22-7 over the Amsterdam Admirals. Crowder was unable to play in the game, he broke his jaw a couple of weeks ago, but Lenny Williams played in the game and played a big role for the Galaxy all year. Now he's hoping that the Dallas coaches will take notice.

Lenny Williams hopes the promise he received at the beginning of the NFL Europe League spring season will be honored.

He hopes Cowboys coaches are watching game film, as promised, of his 10-week tenure with the Frankfurt Galaxy and have discovered something new about his game.

Williams put up solid numbers for a CB in the 10-game season: three interceptions, 30 tackles and 11 passes defended. He also returned kicks and he's hoping that also catches the eye of the Tuna and Co.

"I think it's going to be really important for me because I don't think the Cowboys expected me to be returning kicks," he said. "I haven't done that since I was in college [at Southern]. I did that a little bit when I was in Tampa with the Buccaneers, so it was good to show the Cowboys what I can do. I think it was a plus, in addition to sharpening my corner skills."

Congratulations to both Lenny Williams and Tom Crowder on their World Bowl championship.

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