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Bledsoe on Owens

Drew Bledsoe has taken the lead in handling all Terrell Owens related questions. Since Parcells has shut down the press in all Owens related matters after his press conference a few weeks ago, the job has fallen to Bledsoe. Being the consumate professional, Bledsoe has handled it perfectly. I bring this up because The Boston Globe posted an article with plenty of Bledsoe quotes on the situation. Like this one:

"The only difference between T.O. and some other guys I can think of is he seems to go on television and talk about how he feels," Bledsoe said with a laugh. ``But Bill [Parcells] keeps it pretty simple. You do your job, you do what you're supposed to, and there's no problem. You don't, and he takes care of it."

The interesting part of this quote is about going on television. Has anyone else noticed that Owens has basically given zero interviews since he signed with Dallas except for the day of the signing? Even before the signing he was noticeably quiet. I'm beginning to think that Drew Rosenhaus, Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells all got together and told Owens that he'll get paid and everything will be just fine if he stays away from the press. Of course, it's unlikely that this will last for long, but let's be thankful for every day that goes by and Owens is incommunicado. Now if we could just do something about the book on the Eagles he plans to release in training camp.

I also thought this was an interesting quote from Bledsoe:

"I don't think T.O. will have any problems here. I spoke with friends of mine who played with him in San Francisco and Philadelphia and they all said they loved the guy. Not one of them said they wouldn't want to play with him again. They all said he works hard, practices hard, wants to win, and makes you better. We all know what he's capable of when he gets the ball. I'm looking forward to seeing that."

Now that makes you wonder. Obviously Bledsoe wasn't talking to Donovan McNabb, but is it possible that the we only know one side of the story of what went on? Look, before anybody gets the wrong idea, I'm no Terrell Owens aplogist. Basically, I think he's sabotaged what could have been an all-world career. But, I also read that a lot of the Eagles actually sided with Owens in that whole brouhaha. So maybe there's more than meets the eye with the Owens Saga. Still, if he would just keep his mouth shut and play, we wouldn't have to worry about any of this crap.

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