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Mick answers the mail

Mickey Spags answers his mail.

Who do you think will be this year's breakout player? Last year I would have to say it was Bradie James. He almost doubled his number of tackles from 2004.

Mickey: Well, let's see. My money is on Marcus Spears. I think the knee injury early in camp got him off to a slow start, and he never seemed to look like the same player we saw early in camp. He's even said his knee is much better and that an off-season in the weight room has benefited him greatly. Second choice would be Julius Jones, if he counts. If this kid stays healthy, watch out. But of course, if the first two years mean anything, that's a big if.

I'll go along with that. But another guy who might have the huge breakout year is DeMarcus Ware. If Chris Canty improves enough at the end position where he can routinely occupy a double-team and Bobby Carpenter provides enough of a pass-rush threat from the other side, Ware could put up some spectacular numbers. Ware should be more comfortable with playing WOLB in the 3-4 this year, so his read-and-react times will be quicker. Given the number of sacks he missed last year because he was just a half-second late to the QB, a quicker reaction after the ball is snapped could lead to some unbelievable play from Ware.

It's often pointed out that many new players need a year in the weight room to better prepare for the NFL. What players seem to have made the most progress this past off-season?

Mickey: I should better be able to answer this next weekend when the Cowboys hold their three-day mini-camp starting on Friday. But from just passing a few guys in the hallways, I've noticed that DeMarcus Ware sure doesn't look like a rookie anymore. I mean, his face looks more muscular. I remarked last week about Justin Beriault filling out. Same with Marion Barber and Spears. Rob Petitti seems to have his weight under control, and has much better muscle definition and I'm told wait 'til I see Chris Canty. Those are just the guys I've actually seen.

Glad to hear Rob Petitti has his weight issue under control, I wonder if his footwork has gotten any better. Let's hope the reports on Chris Canty are true, because if he and Spears can hold up their end of the bargain on the defensive line, our LB's should be free to wreak havoc on opposing offenses.

Huge Cowboys and South Carolina Gamecocks fan here. Will Demetrius Summers be invited back to the next mini-camp, and if so, is their a good chance he could get a free agent contract to attend training camp?

Mickey: Yes, the Cowboys are planning to bring Summers back on another tryout basis for this weekend's mini-camp. I think if he has another good showing and if he has himself in better shape, they will seriously consider signing him and bringing the rookie to training camp.

If Dallas signs Summers and brings him to training, what will Tyson Thompson's role be this year? Whatever the case, you can never have enough talented RB's, and Summers might be "practice squad only" material this year. But given Parcells' penchant for churning the bottom of the roster, Tyson Thompson better come to camp with guns blazing if Summers is signed.

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