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Galloway actually discusses football

Randy Galloway went to the source, Jeff Ireland, to ask some pretty good questions about the draft. Usually Galloway spends his time complaining about Eldorado or crying because Parcells won't talk to the media, but this time he actually discussed pertinent football issues.

On Bobby Carpenter, Ireleand says that he was the only player out of the 4 on their board that would've kept the Cowboys at #18. Clearly, this was the guy they were targeting from the beginning. Galloway asked about one team that had "yellow-lined" Carpenter, meaning they took him off their board for being cocky and uncoachable. Ireland said this in response:

"The uncoachable part is absolutely untrue, at least based on what we know, and I think we know a lot about Bobby Carpenter."

Then it came down to the dividing line between cocky and too cocky.

"Carpenter is a high intensity guy, and very, very motivated," Ireland said. "He's the kind of player who sets high standards for himself and his team, and he's vocal about that.

"Will he get in a teammate's face? Yes. Will he rub some players the wrong way? Probably."

OK, it all comes down to when you do it and how you do it, but it sounds like Carpenter could be a team leader one day. He needs to take his lumps as a rookie, and then he can become a team leader. I wonder if Carpenter and Eldorado will hook up some time in the future, for better or worse.

The Cowboys liked a little attitude with their linebacker.

For Ireland, that was part of the appeal of Carpenter.

"As an organization, we want a player who feels that way, and competes that way," he said. "I can see where a team would take that part of his personality as a negative."

"But not us. We combined that with his talent on the field, and we see it as a big positive."

The Cowboys are still selling the idea that Anthony Fasano was the best player on their board with their pick in the second round. I'm not so sure about that one but we'll never really know. Galloway asked Irealand why they chose Fasano over some of the other TE's like Texas' David Thomas, taken by New England in the 3rd.
"Size is the main reason, and blocking ability would be the other," Ireland said. "Fasano can play at around 260 pounds. Thomas is a very good receiver, but he's trying to bulk up to 250 after playing at around 235. I think Thomas will be good. I think Fasano gave us more options."

More options, that's the key with Fasano. Like Carpenter on defense, he has to be versatile and present a receiving threat, a blocking threat and the ability to slide in the backfield as an H-back. That's a tall order for the rookie.

Finally, Galloway said he thought taking a project in the 3rd round was a no-no and Ireland agreed. Then he said the Cowboys don't view Jason Hatcher as a project.

Ireland agrees on the no-no part, "which is exactly why we don't think he's a project," he added. "We drafted Jason Hatcher to be able to make a contribution this season at a position where we need some depth."

If they get production out of Hatcher this year - and I mean real production, not just throwing him in there on occasion to get experience - then I'll let go on criticizing this pick. Otherwise, I sure would've liked to seen some offensive line help at this pick.

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