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Kyle Kosier will be under the microscope

Regular readers of BTB know that I like JJT as a writer, he usually has some good insights into the Cowboys organization. But I don't think JJT ate his Wheaties before writing today's article. His story on Kyle Kosier doesn't offer up any new news, but is baiscally a "wait-and-see" article on Kyle Kosier being able to effectively replace Larry Allen. But this paragraph caught my eye:

That doesn't mean Kosier won't be a good player. It just means the Cowboys let their best offensive lineman leave for a player they hope will be good. By all accounts, Kosier is a hard worker and will do a better job of clearing lanes on the second level where linebackers roam than Allen did.

But on third-and-1 in a tense moment, there was a certain confidence when the Cowboys ran left behind Allen. Now, they won't have that.

All I have to say is this: If you are going to make your decision on keeping an offensive lineman based on 3rd and 1 situations, you're playing a losing game. I would much rather have linemen who'll be effective in more situations than short-yardage, and as stated above Kosier is expected to be much more active in getting to linebackers on the second level. Kosier has the agility to pull effectively, something that was becoming more and more problematic for LA.

Now, where I worry about Kosier is when teams make a push up the middle to reach Bledsoe in passing situations. Kosier has to prove he has the strength to handle those situations effectively. On pure bull-rushes up the middle nobody in the league was going to push LA around, and Bledsoe is particularly susceptible to inside rushes. His modus operandi is to step up in the pocket to deliver the ball since he has lead feet that don't allow him to roll out of the pocket.

JJT also answered some mail in the article. Some of the highlights were that Anthony Henry is healthy and he is looking forward to getting back to the form he showed in the first part of last season, before his groin injury, when he was Dallas' MVP on defense. JJT also thinks that draftee Pat Watkins will play a back-up role at FS in 2006 because of the experience of Marcus Coleman and Keith Davis. I have to say that I agree, as I've stated repeatedly that Marcus Coleman will open the season at FS.

He also fielded some questions about backups Tony Romo and Drew Henson. JJT feels the same way I do about both of them, he has no confidence that either of them could step in for an injured Drew Bledsoe and effectively lead the team. He goes on to say that he doesn't think either of them is the heir-apparent to Drew Bledsoe. With Henson, he worries about his throwing mechanics and the fact that he hasn't played a lot of football over the past few years. Hopefully his stint in NFLE will help to shake off some of that rust. With Romo, he says teams are reluctant to turn over the franchise to an UDFA. I think that's a weak argument, I would argue that he may not be talented enough to be a front-line QB regardless of his pedigree.

Of course, none of us really know because Parcells is reluctant to play either of them, even in a meaningless game like last year's season-ending game against the Rams.

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