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Bledsoe speaks

Over at the Zone, recap expert InmanRoshi gives us the skinny on a recent Drew Bledsoe radio interview.

What did you think about Fasano?
I watched him a few games last year. We played golf at a charity event. He looks speedy and quick and he has good hands. I think he'll be a nice compliment to Witten.

So this 2 TE set. Is this a radical departure from last season? Or are this just basically replacing Dan Campbell?
It gives us some really great flexibility. I loved working with Dan, but now we got two effective pass catchers from the TE position. Last year we moved Jason around a lot in the backfield and putting him in motion, and when you got two guys like that you have a lot of diversity out of your simple base formations. Now we're a threat to throw the ball from a power running formation. It can be a lot more deceptive for the defense.

Have you heard that the Cowboys signed a WR this offseason?
Yeah, its something I'm excited about. I know its controversial, but when you look at what's going on with this guy, his biggest problem is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He practices harder than anyone on the practice field. He plays the game hard. He doesn't break the law. My experience with WR's, they get frustrated. They are competitive people, and even on good day they only touch the ball 5-6 times a game. So they just tend to be an outspoken bunch . He's probably the best guy in the game at catching the ball and running with it, so I'm really excited about that. The rest of the stuff, and this might be naïve of me, I just don't think its going to be a problem. Parcells will make this cut and dried about what's expected of him.

Did Bill or Jerry ask your input about it?
No, they didn't. I kind of expected they would bring him in, but they didn't ask me to sign off on it.

Is maybe the greater issue is that you're going to be asked about this all season long and people are looking for grenades go off?
Yeah, I don't have my head in the sand on this. As far as dealing with the media, this will be a more difficult season for me. But I'm prepared for it. I've dealt with the northeast media. I'm used to this kind of stuff. But this guy is unique and I know he draws a unique amount of scrutiny.

Have you talked to him yet?
I've talked to him a few times on the phone, and he was in town for a day and we went out and played some catch for a little bit.

Did you expect a little more activity to solidify the OL? It looks like you pretty much got what you had last year.
The #1 thing is that Flozell is coming back and will be healthy. I tell you ... Flozell. Flozell has been working, man. He's put on some muscle and he's already running. Fabini I've watched him play for the Jets for a number of years, and even though he never gets much media attention he's very technically sound and doesn't get beat a lot. That's typically a good thing for an offensive linemen to not get noticed much.

What's the high water mark for this team?
To win a championship. When you look how close we were last year .... we faced both teams that played in the NFC Championship, we beat one of them and should have beat the other. Even with all the injuries and problems we had. So if we can keep people on the field, we should be right there.

Have you fought with Vanderjagt yet? He hates QB's, ya know.
No, we played golf yesterday. He can play some golf.

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