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Cowboys return to San Antonio

The Cowboys finally made official what was common knowledge: The Cowboys will hold training camp in San Antonio starting in 2007.

The Cowboys plan on conducting the majority of their practices indoors at the Alamodome, though Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said holding some outdoor practices still remains a possibility. In such instances, the Cowboys are likely to train at the Spring Sports Complex - a part of the San Antonio Independent School district located less than five miles from the Alamodome - as they did previously while training in San Antonio from 2002 to 2003.

Mickey Spags takes about 1,000 words to explain what could've been said in 100 words; the Cowboys are much bigger on the defensive front seven. Mickey, God bless him, discusses the change in team size in exhausting detail, but here's the key paragraphs.

So the current average up front would be 6-5, 300 - nearly two inches taller and 15 pounds heavier than 2003.


Add it all up, the projected starting linebackers will average 6-2½, 251 pounds - 2½ inches taller and 15 pounds heavier [than 2003]. And that sure won't change much if Singleton starts off at left outside linebacker since he's now 250.

In other words, Parcells likes bigger players and now he's got them. Tucked at the bottom of Mick's "ode to size" was this small blurb.

When Bill Parcells spoke with second-round pick Anthony Fasano minutes after he was selected, he told the Notre Dame tight end there wouldn't be much transition from the offense he played in college to what the Cowboys will be running this year. And evidently there won't be much change in head-coaching styles going from Charlie Weis to Parcells. "Coach Weis told me last night, 'You didn't really get a new coach,'" Fasano said. "'You got an older version of me.'"

One day, if we're lucky, Charlie Weis will be Fasano's coach again. Can the lure of America's Team outshine the Golden Dome? If Jerry Jones is smart, he'll try to make it happen.

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