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Punxsutawney Bill

"I'm coming out of my hole on Friday." - Bill Parcells

The media caught up with Bill Parcells at a Rangers game where Bill revealed he'll be coming out of his hole on Friday. Yup, Parcells is going to talk to the media about football for the first time since the signing of Eldorado. This should be good. We'll get 30 minutes of the press asking about the T.O. situation from every angle possible, and 30 minutes of Parcells not answering. Family fun for all.

Babe Laufenberg gave Parcells a new nickname.

"I never did like the nickname 'Tuna,'" Laufenberg said. "I never did. You know what your new one is? Phil. Punxsutawney Phil. You see your shadow and you go back into your little enclave for the next six weeks."

OK, imagine for a moment that the Cowboys had the #1 pick in this past draft. Then read this statement.

"We were asking his opinion on different players," DeRosa said. "Not so much the Cowboys, but asking questions about [Reggie] Bush, [Matt] Leinert and those guys. I think Reggie Bush is the real deal but in talking [to Parcells], he said he thought Mario Williams was the best player."

How would you guys have felt if Parcells had the pick and passed on Reggie Bush?

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