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Parcells speaks to SIRIUS radio

Punxsutawney Bill popped his head out his hole a little earlier than expected. In a move that will likely incite a riot among the local Dallas Cowboys press, Parcells gave an interview on SIRIUS radio this morning.

Here are some highlights:

When asked about Terrell Owens:
He said he hasn't spoken to him much, but has no worries that he will be in top shape. He mentioned that Eldorado has always played in a West Coast offense and will have to learn the Cowboys system. They plan some special tutoring with WR coach Todd Haley to get the system down.

On Bobby Carpenter:
Liked his size and his versatility. He doesn't have to learn a new positon, can play inside or outside. Comes from a good football family and loves the game.

On Anthony Fasano:
Bill gave us some rationale behind the 2-TE sets. Defenses have a tougher time matching up against TE's who can catch than a 3rd WR. Most teams have a nickel DB to cover a 3rd receiver, but it's harder to have LB'ers or safeties who can cover 2 good TE's.

On Akin Ayodele:
He'll play WILB and Parcells expects him to get a lot of tackles this year.

On the FS position:
Parcells is satisfied with Coleman and Watkins, also mentioned Justin Beriault's name.

Parcells also said to look for MB3 to have an expanded role this year, JJ has had trouble staying on the field.

The guys over at the Zone have the recap.

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