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Parcells press conference 5/05

OK, I admit it, I missed the press conference today. Cinco de Mayo and some tasty beverages kept me away from the computer. So I'm going to steal my recap from ABQCOWBOY over at the Zone, I hope he doesn't mind. So here it is in all its glory, can't wait to see your comments afterwards.

Strait out, "We do things together. I support the decisions."

No individual decisions here. Jerry, Irland, position coaches, everybody. Make decision and that's how it is.

Did you ask Bledsoe?
BP. No, why would I do that?
What if there's a problem?
Won't be a problem, if there is, I'll take care of it.

Any particular reason you haven't spoken to date?
No, I cooperate with the media. yaddaa...yaddaa....yaddaa... answer 1 question, you answer 41.

Normally you address the media after draft. This year you didn't. Why?
Nothing to say.

Talking about Keyshawn.
Tough because he's one of my favorite players. He's tough. Tough decision. He's in a good place in Carolina. More then just player but personal relationship with KJ. I know where he'll be on Sunday. Always be one of my favorite players.

How did you get comfortable with decision on TO?

Ask a couple of questions.
Does he respond to compatition? No question in that respect. Everybody I talked to confirmed. We can find a way to work because that is present. This is not a problem with TO. Brian Cox was most flash of anybody. I loved him. Another one of my favorites.

How does TO help.
Give speed outside. Commands attention. Should open up Glenn and Witten. Tough to cover everybody.

Did you talk to Andy Reid?
Spoke to Reid briefly. We were talking about who could loss more weight. Didn't discuss TO at all. No serious conversation about TO.
Talked to Mike Holmgreen. Much respect for Mike. Had conversation with him, not particularly about To but overall.

You extended. Do you see this as year to year?

Don't think it's good to be year to year. Good that players need to feel good about the coach is going to be there. Now at my age, you don't always know. Have to say I like it here in Dallas. Been treated fair. We were very close to being real good last year. Closer then enybody knows. We're better. Everybody is better. heating up in NFCE.

Why all the mystery?
Not a mystery to me. I signed the contract. Maybe just a mystery to you.

Here's the thing. When you don't have the energy. You don't have the drive. Can't deal with players, media all the rest, time to sack up the bats. When that day comes, I'm done.

Talk about 2 TE offense.
If you've been watching, you know that FB only played 20% off the time. Been doing two TE but gonna do it more. Tougher for teams to match 2 TEs then 3 WRs. Nickle packages are good personel, coached. Two good TEs like you got now, tougher to adjust for LBs and Safeties. Wanted to players like Witten if I can get em. Two TEs will be a good thing. Plus, I like TEs. I collect em. Everybody knows it. If another one comes along next year. I'll get another one.

Did you try to trade Julius during draft?
No.... no. Didn't do that. Not the case. Not concerned about him, past years. works hard every day. If he does that, then no concern.
Best team I've had. Depth at DL, LB, first time we might have a FS. Not sure but maybe. Kicker now.

Problems on OL started when we lost LT. Concerned about it. Signed FAs. Got young guys coming along. Financial stuff with LA. Not much to do about it.

Pattiti will be much better this year, I know. Physically, he's much better. He wont' give up 15 sacks if I made him play backwords. He won't give up 15.

columbo invested a year. He was a 1# Lots of time in weight room. Something there.

Drew show you anything in Europe?
Tried to watch. Watched all of them except 1 beginning to end. Don't know the weather conditions, what's going on etc. Looks like he's coming along out there.

Bobby Carpenter because you knew his dad?
Knew his mom and his dad. Knew discipline would be there. Knew there would be a ceratain, don't know the word. I knew he would have gotten certain discussions.

Knew his dad. Still know him. Very high regard. Good coach, good player, one of the real solid guys. Dad I hold in very high regard.
Used to be a "I gotta buy the groceries" before. Now, collective.

Organization used to do things a certain way. Now, we do things different. Spent a LOT of time with Jeff. Coaching scouting team up on what I want. Kind of player I need. That took time. Now, we know. We look for players that fit the profile. Now, they bring players that fit the profile. don't get guys brought to me that won't work. Grocieries was a long time ago. NE didn't know what they were doing. New owner etc. Not the case here.

Could you be overruled on a decision, player etc?

Yes, anybody could. If Jeff and I went to Jerry with a strong opinion, Jerry would look at it long and hard. But, might not get everything. Goes the other way to. Economics, certain things effect decisions. Can't have everything. I know that.

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