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One writer gets it, others still struggling

Clarence E. Hill, Jr. gets it. Tim Colishaw doesn't, Jim Reeves doesn't, and as we'll see below Jen Floyd Engel really doesn't get it. What is "it"? The fact that Coach Parcells had no problem signing Terrell Owens and the reason he did it was to win football games and a championship, now.  I'm telling you guys, if Parcells didn't want Eldorado he would've stopped it long ago. If he had decided he didn't like the signing but it wasn't enough to retire over, he would've made sure in his own way to let everyone know that.

The decision to sign Owens was not forced on him by owner Jerry Jones and that Parcells was on board all the way.

That the move was made in the best interest of winning football games because Owens gives them an explosive big-play threat on the outside.

Bingo! Parcells wants another Super Bowl and he knows he's got 1-2 years max to accomplish it, so he's doing everything he can to get there. Even taking a risk - and yes it's a risk - on a big time WR like Eldorado. Mike Vanderjagt is also part of that. Parcells is willing to do whatever it takes this year and Jerry Jones is on board with that. When is the last time Jerry actually paid money for a veteran kicker? Yeah, the answer is probably never.

Clarence E. Hill, Jr knows that Bill and Jerry have one mission; to win a Super Bowl, pronto.

More important, Parcells said he and Jones want the same thing: to lead the Cowboys to a title. "Collectively" deciding to sign one of the league's top playmakers was part of that process.

Besides, Parcells has never listened to the press, or the fans, or anybody not connected to his inner circle.

Parcells said he did his homework on Owens. He talked to Eagles coach Andy Reid. He talked to Eagles receivers coach David Culley, who played for Parcells when he was an assistant at Vanderbilt in the 1970s. He also talked to Seattle coach Mike Holmgren.

"[Culley] told me he practiced very hard and worked very hard on the field," Parcells said. "I know people who have seen the Eagles practice and they all told me the same thing -- that he works hard. That's not the problem."

There you have it. Parcells just wants to win; and he's most surely dictating the football personnel decisions. He, Jerry and Jeff Ireland are in agreement. Case closed. Well, for most people.

Jen Floyd Engel, who I usually like as a writer, has let T.O. mania send her over the edge. She just can't get over the fact that Parcells signed Owens, and now she doesn't trust Bill anymore. So frickin' what. JFE has crossed the line into a world where her ego outweighs her analysis. Come on, what the heck is this sentence all about.

Where Big Bill is losing me is by placing my trust in him in t.o.

First, Big Bill could care less about your trust in him. Secondly, we could care less about your trust in him. You're constructing a whole article about you losing trust in Bill Parcells. The problem is, this is all you keep saying, over and over. Guess what, we don't care.

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