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Parcells press conference 5/07

Well, said today's press conference would be at 1:15 CST, but when I tuned in the PC was already going and the Ticket's microphone was awful. So I only heard the very end of it. Luckily, igtmfo over at the Zone heard the whole thing and posted this recap.

1. Will take 4 QBs to camp. Doesn't want wear and tear on Bledsoe, but didn't endorse Mroz or anything.
  1. When asked about Parham, something like ILBs are hard to find. Didn't endorse.
  2. McQuistan is about a year behind his brother skills-wise. Hinted that they had his brother high up on their board.
  3. Only time he expanded on a player was WR Jamaica Rector. Said he is the strongest player on the team, pound for pound. He has all the tools but didn't have stamina last year, he's worked in off season on stamina.
  4. RB Summers. BP said "I don't want to talk about him." This is usually a good sign.
  5. Said he took 35 questions on TO in first news conference, won't say anything more about him till training camp I think.
  6. The Ticket's microphone crapped out ... discussion about how LB coach Pasqualoni was really going to help new MLB coach Vincent Brown, I think is what he said ...
  7. Funny. BP said he and coaches have been breaking down film of practice this weekend ... Some player had been making repeated mistakes and BP really jumped on the the position coach ... BP said he asked him "are you going to let (player x) make the same mistakes over and over without correcting him?" Then the reporter asked "Did the coach give you an answer?" BP said "I really didn't want to hear an answer."

We learned some other things at rookie mini-camp.

1. Skyler Green is fat. The DFW S-T put it this way:

"You're a fat boy," Parcells told Green.

Only in the NFL is 5-foot-9 and 198 pounds of mostly muscle considered fat. Parcells told Green to turn the 198 to 189.

"He's too fat," Parcells said.

  1. Pat McQuistan looks like he should be starring in HBO's Deadwood series. Oh yeah, he's also going to be working out at RT.
  2. Bobby Carpenter is a versatile player. He also delivers a mean cup of water.
  3. The Cowboys believe DE Jason Hatcher is not as much of a project as people are saying.
  4. If Pat Watkins fails at FS it won't be from lack of preparation.
  5. The Cowboys will work E.J. Whitley at center.
  6. Anthony Fasasno is a big-time key to this year's offense. Parcells is counting on his versatility to make it work.
  7. And in case you missed it in the press conference recap, Parcells isn't talking about T.O. again until training camp.

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