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Rookie review

Big ups to for actually writing some articles about the players at rookie mini-camp and not about Billy P and Eldorado. But Grizz - you might ask - haven't you been writing about Billy P and Eldorado? Yes I have, but if I could attend practices and get interviews in the locker room, you can bet the ranch that's what I'd be writing about.

First up from - Bobby Carpenter. The Tuna's personal waterboy has been fetching him water at mini-camp and reportedly doing a good job with it.

"They said it used to be bottled but I think he's gone to tap now," said Carpenter, who has brought Parcells a fresh cup in each of the Cowboys' first three mini-camp practices. "The trainers and everybody, they get the order ready. I'm just the delivery boy."

OK, we got that cleared up. Bobby knows the role they have in mind for him.
Asked his duties in the Cowboys' 3-4 scheme, Carpenter said, "On the outside have some pass rush, have some coverage, be a physical run stopper and hopefully do all three of those things pretty well."

There's more about Carpenter in the article so check it out.

Next they cover some of the rookies in this article.

New FS Pat Watkins is a details guy and wants to stay ahead of the game. He even wanted to stay in Dallas after the mini-camp but NFL rules say players have to go back to college until the semester officially ends.

"Down here they're gonna be working on things for the fall," Watkins said, "and if I'm in Tallahassee, I'm not going to be here with the team."

I like the way Watkins is thinking. Cory Procter is kind of a forgotten guy on our roster, but the offensive lineman got some ink today.
One of the beneficiaries of the off-season conditioning program has been second-year guard Cory Procter, whose strength has improved dramatically from a year ago.

Procter, along with only a few other teammates - including second-year outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware - recently cleaned 400 pounds during the ongoing off-season workouts.

It would be nice if someone like Proctor, Colombo or Peterman had a break-out training camp.

Everybody's favorite new Cowboy, Montavious Stanley got some ink, too.

Rookie nose tackle Montavious Stanley got rough with Matt Tarullo, tossing the first-year offensive lineman to the ground twice in blocking drills.

Love to hear that, but 7th round draft choice E.J. Whitley to care of business right after that.
Rookie center E.J. Whitley stonewalled him [Stanley] moments later, though.

The other 7th round draft pick, Pat McQuistan, gets his own article and it's a good thing Parcells doesn't have requirements about hair-length or McQuistan and Carpenter would be in trouble.
With his past shoulder-length red hair twisted into wet strings and matted against his face, his lip bloodied and his breath coming out in heavy, audible bursts, this 6-6, 314-pound offensive lineman is a sight to behold.
Walking up to the man is intimidating, to say the least.

That's great and all, but we just need to know if he can block. At least we know what position they want him to play.
"It's been hectic," he said Saturday. "I was a left guard in college, and now I'm trying out at right tackle here. It's different, but it's fun. It's good."

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