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Hatcher shines; Stanley joins Green on the fat list

Rookie mini-camp is now over and we're finally getting some reports about how the players looked on the field. After a weekend filled with Parcells/Owens talk, let's take a look at what happened on the field.

According to several sources, including this article by Mickey Spags, 3rd round pick DE Jason Hatcher is not as raw as everyone thought. Yes, I was quick to bash this pick - and I'm still not convinced it was the right move - but if I'm wrong, I'll happily be wrong.

Here's the Mick on Hatcher:

Now watching him over these past four practices is not the defining evaluation. Remember, the players were only in helmets and shorts. No pads. So this was not all-out contact. Also remember, he was going up against other rookies, most either late-round draft choices or rookie free agents. It's not like Flozell Adams was out there.

But let me tell you. He, who played at Div. I-AA, was a man among boys. They had trouble blocking him, especially in those one-on-one drills. He was too fast and too strong. His arms seemed too long - for them, not for him. And when they did stone Hatcher, it seemed to be more of a clothesline block, trying to sever the head from the body at the neck.

Several other reports said things along the same lines, that Hatcher was pretty dominating on the pass rush and used an assortment of moves to win the battle. OK, kid, make me look like an idiot and get yourself into the defensive line rotation.

Montavious Stanley joined the Parcells fat list, with strict orders to get his weight down from 320 to around 313, where he was in college. At least the kid kept a good attitude about it.


"He just told me to come in better shape when I report back," said Stanley, who arrived to this weekend's three-day rookie mini-camp weighing 320 pounds, "and to learn the details of my position. He expects a whole lot more out of me when I come back."

Stanley, a sixth-round pick out of Louisville, said the Cowboys want him to lose five to 10 pounds, bringing him closer to the 313-pound mark he said he hit at the combine. Stanley's conditioning leading up to the draft had been hampered by a torn pectoral muscle he suffered toward the end of last season, but he said nothing will prevent him from meeting the weight expectations imposed by the Cowboys' head coach.

"I don't use any excuses," Stanley said. "I just told him, 'Yes sir. I'll be back in better shape when I report back.'"

Good answer kid, just do what the Tuna wants and you'll probably be successful in this league. Stanley did get some raves about his handling of Matt Tarullo.

Stanley flashed his strength at times during individual blocking drills in camp, twice tossing first-year guard Matt Tarullo to the ground. But he also showed his inconsistency, getting stonewalled on several other occasions.

Apparently, at this point the Cowboys are counting on Mike Vanderjagt to handle the kickoff duties.

Parcells, though, said special teams coach Bruce DeHaven has been working with Vanderjagt on kick offs and that at this time he has no contingency plan I place if a specialist is needed.

I don't know about that, an assitant coach in the NFL told me last week there's no way Vanderjagt can handle the kickoffs, if he does the Cowboys will be giving up field position. Not to mention the injury factor that could crop up.

The guys over at the RanchReport had a couple of articles on the rookie camp, you can find them here and here (sub. required).

Basically they say:

RB Demetrius Summers looked quick and elusive in the mini-camp. But the Cowboys, according to, aren't going to sign him right away.

LB Kai Parham is slow, and got beat in coverage by the RB's consistently. (Good call Deke).

Bobby Carpenter showed excellent skills in pass rushing but was beaten in pass coverage a few times.

Anthony Fasano showed great route running skills along with excellent hands, and was put in motion before the play often over the weekend.

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