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Play the DeMarcus Ware over/under game

Time to play the "Dallas Cowboys Over/Under Home Game". Today's contestant is DeMarcus Ware, 2nd year outside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.
Last year, Ware's rookie season, he put 8 sacks on the board for a very successful rookie campaign.

So BTB is setting the line at 12 sacks for 2006. That's a considerable increase from last year but the following factors made us choose such a high number.

  1.   Ware was a rookie trying to learn a new position last year, this slowed him down a little; he won't have that problem this year
  2.    The Cowboys have added draft pick Rob Carpenter to the other OLB spot; he should help keep double-teams off Ware
  3.    Ware will be more experienced and should be stronger this year after a full offseason training with the Cowboys
So what'cha got? Over or under 12 sacks for the season. Remember, last year only 6 players reached 12 sacks, so if Ware does it this year he will have moved into the elite pass rushers in the league. Derrick Burgess of the Raiders led the league with 16 sacks.

I'm taking over. Ware missed so many sacks last year by a half-second. This year, his transition from DE to OLB should be complete, and that means his read-and-react times should be just a bit quicker. Because of that, those missed sacks of last year will be made sacks this year. And Rob Carpenter will definitely help balance the pass blocking schemes.

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