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Ex-Cowboys making news

Keyshawn and Steve Smith, one happy couple?

Steve Smith isn't naïve enough to think his strong personality will never clash with Keyshawn Johnson's strong personality.

"We will have a lot of disagreements to agree," Smith said. "Both of us will be trying to argue each other's point."


"A lot of people are going to be watching how we interact. It's not really (about) how we interact. It's how many games we're going to win, because that's what really counts."

That's a situation that bares watching.

Willie Blade lives! (sort of)

Redskins | Team gives Willie Blade a tryout

Gary Fitzgerald, of, reports the Washington Redskins gave free agent DT Willie Blade (Cowboys) a tryout at their weekend minicamp.

Larry Allen at the 49ers camp:

Guard Larry Allen was easily the most intriguing player of the minicamp based on his impressive size and strength.

During a pass-protection drill, he tossed linebackers as if they were rag dolls. On another exercise calling for guards to pull and then hit a large pad held by a teammate, Allen came out of his stance and punched the pad held chest-high by Eric Heitmann. Allen lifted the 305-pound Heitmann clean off of his feet; Heitmann then landed and stumbled backward.

Fearing potential injuries, coach Mike Nolan went to selected players, including Allen, and told them to be careful.

But Allen appears too heavy. On a drill calling for him to bounce on his feet late in practice, Allen didn't move at all. But the 49ers seem unconcerned. Allen has a reputation for downsizing to his proper playing weight in time for the regular season.

Sounds like the same ol' LA to me. I love the guy.

Speaking of the 49ers, are they going to the 2-TE offense like the Boys?

We hear Niners tight end Eric Johnson, who has missed two of the past three seasons with injuries, has gone out of his way to let the Niners know he wants to stay in San Francisco and has backed up his words by being a constant presence in the team's offseason program. If Johnson continues making a strong impression in the Niners' early mini-camps, the word is there's a good chance a two-tight end set featuring him and first-round pick Vernon Davis could be the team's main offensive formation.

It's a trend!

The Cowboys are going into the trick-play business. So says ESPN Insider:

The Cowboys have special plans in mind for two of their second-day draft picks. Free safety Pat Watkins, who stands 6-foot-5, will be used occasionally as a red-zone receiver. And receiver/return specialist Skyler Green, who lined up all over the place at LSU and was a high-school quarterback, has been told by Bill Parcells to get his arm ready before reporting to training camp.

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