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Cowboys blurbs

Brian Claybourn, a punter for Western Kentucky, was invited to Dallas rookie camp anfter being cut by San Diego in camp last year. Claybourn let's us in on the secret that Bill Parcells and Marty Schottenheimer are two different kind of coaches.

"I was out in San Diego last year and the more coaches you've been around, the more you realize how many different styles there are," said Claybourn, a punter-kicker from Reitz High School and Western Kentucky University.

"Coach (Marty) Schottenheimer out in San Diego was a lot more emotional guy. (Cowboys) Coach (Bill) Parcells is more from the Bobby Knight school. He would tell you up front how it is. He doesn't really sugar coat it."

Claybourn didn't speak to Parcells at length, but thanked him for the opportunity before he left camp on Sunday.

"He said, 'Thanks for coming down, you've got a lot of potential and hopefully we'll be able to bring you back,' " Claybourn said. "Just from that standpoint, that's a good thing."

Heh, Parcells doesn't sugar coat it. I guess not, just ask Skyler "Fat" Green.

Paul and Pat McQuistan are getting some more ink.

Peyton and Eli Manning, move over. Tiki and Ronde Barber, step aside. Matt and Tim Hasselbeck, you're oh, so last season.

Meet the newest set of brothers in the NFL, Paul and Pat McQuistan.

I wouldn't say they're in the NFL yet. Pat still has to make the team. After his brother Paul was taken in the 3rd round, no one was sure Pat would even be drafted. Teams were interested in him as a UDFA.

On Sunday, the attention turned to Pat. Representatives of the Cowboys contacted him, asking if he would come to Dallas if selected or if he was planning to sign with Oakland as a free agent.

Suddenly, Pat was talking to Dallas owner Jerry Jones.

"The (Dallas) director of personnel called me about five minutes before the (seventh) round of the draft. He said it was between me and another guy," Pat said. "They put me on hold and Jerry Jones came on the phone and said, 'Welcome to the Cowboys.' "

Pat is thankful he played long enough for someone to notice and that he has been given a chance to play in the NFL after playing just two seasons of college football.

You can't teach size, so a guy like McQuistan will get a shot.

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