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Cowboys to gather for first team practice

Tomorrow is one more baby step on the way to the 2006 NFL season. The Dallas Cowboys will gather together veterans, rookies and controversies in a must-see mini-camp. I admit, as much as the next person, that I'm very intrigued to see Terrell Owens in a Cowboys uniform. I have visions of long, arcing spirals from the arm of Drew Bledsoe falling perfectly into the hands of Owens as he cruises in for a touchdown. It's a given that the national press will be interested only in the Owens angle, but us die-hard Cowboy fans will be watching much more than that.

How will Flozell look? What about new inside linebacker Akin Ayodele? What configuration of the offensive line will be presumed to be the "starters"? So much to talk about.

The Cowboys will hold five practices over three days. On Friday afternoon, Bill Parcells will hold  a press conference. On Friday afternoon, Bill Parcells will be asked a dozen questions about Terrell Owens. Let's hope that some reporters remember there are plenty of other interesting story-lines out there. I can't argue that the fascination with Owens in his first official Cowboys practice is warranted. I'm just hoping that they don't forget about us true Cowboy fans, who know it will be about more than Owens this season.

What are you most interested in over the mini-camp weekend?

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