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Bob Hayes - Hall worthy?

Burger King responds to email generated from his column on coaches and players that should be in the Hall of Fame. BTB posted the Cowboys portion of the original article here, and there was one follow-up email concerning the Boys which is posted bleow.

WHITHER BOB HAYES? From Terence Huffman of Indian Head, Md.: "My Hall of Fame comment is about Bob Hayes. He doesn't seem to have a lot of support. However, if you look at his numbers, they are almost identical to Lynn Swann's. No, Hayes didn't make spectacular Super Bowl catches, but he did revolutionize the game with his speed and was a player that defenses had to account for at all times. Zone defenses were created almost solely because of 'Bullet Bob.' He, like Michael Irvin, was plagued by off-field problems. Your thoughts?''

He's a very interesting candidate. I think he's another player who belongs in the Hall of Very Good. I did not support him two years ago when he was up for election as one of the Seniors Committee's nominees because I'm not among those who thinks he "changed the game,'' which is the popular sentiment among his supporters. Hayes did not force the advent of zone defenses exclusively. In fact, I'm not sure he was a more feared football player than Homer Jones, another speedster from the '60s who played with the Giants. And I believe speed was coming to football. It didn't come simply because everyone was trying to copy what Hayes did for the Cowboys.

Also over at, Chris Canty is #5 on the list of 10 NFL Breakout Stars For 2006.

Chris Canty
Defensive End, Cowboys

The Cowboys' defense is loaded with young talent, and Canty has a chance to emerge as a force on the line. He fell to the fourth round of the 2005 draft because of health questions, but he displayed first-round talent last year and should be much better this season.

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