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Cowboys article roundup

UDFA WR Miles Austin is doing what he can to make the team and gets his own article here. Nice to see Terrell Owens is being a good citizen and helping out the young WR's.

Owens has been nothing but helpful to him and the other young wide receivers participating in the Cowboys' organized workouts. He's one reason the excitement in Austin's voice is not muffled by telephone lines.

"He knows so much, he's played the game so long," the free agent from Monmouth said of the man who wore out welcomes in San Francisco and Philadelphia - especially Philadelphia. "And he can tell me things in a way I can relate to, because he's still a player. Just the other day he was helping me getting off the line. I was getting off a little slow. And he showed me how to get into and out of my patterns."

Mike Irvin does a little Q&A here. The requesite Terrell Owens question:

Q: Will T.O. fit in with Dallas and Bill Parcells?

A: What I love and what I've been watching here lately is, Bill's handling of the situation. Bill will deflect some of the media storm that T.O. brings. They ask Bill questions the other day and he'd say, 'When I talked to the player...' He won't even call his name.

Little things he'll do throughout the year will deflect some of the pressure, which will work good. He needs a Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells is the kind of guy who, what he is in a private room, he's the same guy in a room full of media people.

Anybody up for Tommy Maddox as a backup QB? No? Me neither. But this guy likes the idea.

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