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Motorcycle madness

By now, everyone's probably read the news that Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger was injured in a motocycle crash where he wasn't wearing a helmet. Turns out a couple of Cowboys are motorcycle enthusiasts but are taking a more cautious approach to the off-the-field activity than Big Ben.

After he was drafted in the second round by the Cowboys in 2003, center Al Johnson made a dream purchase: a West Coast Chopper.

He no longer has it.


But Johnson's decision to shelve his riding days looks wise. Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe used to ride, but he said Monday that's no longer the case.

"It's not worth it," Johnson said. "The risk isn't worth it. There's plenty of times to do that when your career is over."

Last week Gil Brandt revealed his NFL top "under-25" offensive team that featured Cowboy TE Jason Witten. This week, it's the defensive counterparts, with a couple Cowboy mentions. One name not on the list, Roy Williams, was too old to meet the criteria.

DeMarcus Ware was selected as OLB (3-4), as expected. Of course, he was paired with a name that he is consistently linked to, Shawn Merriman.  These two guys will be compared to each other their whole careers.

Bradie James made the "others considered" list at MLB, behind the Jets Jonathan Vilma.

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