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New BTB poll

First of all, tough loss for the Mavs but an incredible comeback by the Heat. Dwayne Wade was the man down the stretch. Looks like we may have a series on our hands instead of a blow-out.

Results from the last poll:

Which Cowboy player will score the most TD's this year?

34% Julius Jones      
6%  Marion Barber    
39% Terrell Owens    
8%  Terry Glenn      
7%  Jason Witten      
2%  Anthony Fasano    

Votes: 153

T.O. wins a close one against JJ.

The new poll question involves our NFC East brethren. I wanted to survey the BTB readers to find out who will finish 2nd to our 1st in the NFC East. I know, I know; don't count your chickens before they hatch, but if I asked who wins the NFC East on this site, the Cowboys would get around 90% and that's no fun.

So who is going to be the 2nd best team in the East? Who will challenge the Boys down the stretch-run of the season?

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