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JJT answers the mail

JJT answers the mail in his latest column (sub. req.).

Q: Why are you still getting questions about Ron Petitti? Isn't the offensive line already set? Adams, Kozier, (Gurode/Johnson), Rivera and Fabini seems like a lock. I know Parcells wants competition, but if these guys get beaten out, Jones just wasted good money in free ggency.

TAYLOR: I would disagree with Jason Fabini being set at right tackle. He will compete with Petitti, and he should have an edge because the Cowboys want him to start. That doesn't mean he will, but that's what the coaching staff would prefer.

That's one we've debated quite a bit around here. Initially, I thought that Fabini would start, because of his prior relationship with Parcells and he's been solid in his career for the Jets. But with Petitti really getting into shape over the offseason, he's managed to pull ahead of Fabini for the time being. The real battle will be when they put on pads and start hitting people in Oxnard.
Q: With the drafting of Bobby Carpenter, do you expect Al Singleton to make the final Cowboys roster?

TAYLOR: Good question. I think so. He's a solid veteran who can adapt to a lesser role. He's good in the locker room, and if there's an injury, then the Cowboys have a solid veteran they can count on.

Another one that we've knocked around here at BTB. I agree with JJT, I think Singleton is a quality player who can help out the LB corp. But before the year is out, and it may be as early as the first game, Carpenter will establish himself as the #1 SOLB.

Nick Eatman is running out of things to write about, so he gives us a profile of reserve TE Ryan Hannam.

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