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Eatman on Kosier

Nick Eatman is busy profiling Cowboys players, today he gives us Kyle Kosier. What can you say about him that we haven't already read? Not much. But it looks like the Cowboys were tired of Larry Allen not being able to pull effectively anymore, leading to his departure, and Kosier's arrival. Well, leading to his departure because he was going to earn 7-million dollars, and couldn't pull anymore. Tony Sparano tries to be kind to Allen as he explains the problem.

Cowboys offensive line coach Tony Sparano gave Allen his credit, but said 34-year-old guard was beginning to struggle moving laterally, preventing the team from asking him to pull.

"(Kosier) gives us the ability to be both right- and left-handed," Sparano said, referring to the offense running to both sides of the line. "No disrespect to Larry Allen, he's a Hall-of-Fame player and I loved coaching Larry, but at the end of the day, sometimes you wanted to run the ball more at Larry than away from Larry - it made common sense. Here with Kyle, you can run the ball at him or away from him. He's an intelligent guy, which Larry was a very smart guy as well.

"But Kosier can really help us, too. This guy is a pro in every thing he does - in the weight room, on the field. I'm glad he's here with us."

Plus, everyone loves Kosier's versatility.
Kosier said he began last season in Detroit as the swing tackle - able to play both backup spots. But about five games into the season the Lions moved him to left guard, where he started the final 11 games.

And changing positions is nothing new to Kosier, who actually started his collegiate career at Arizona State as a linebacker.

"Yeah I was 205 pounds when I first got there," said Kosier, now 305 pounds. "But I gained some weight, just a little. Then I moved to O-line, and it's worked out for me."

Sammy T, our new NT, gets his own article on the Concordia University website.

He is one of just four defensive tackles listed on the Dallas Web site. He was assigned No. 67 for the Cowboys' recent mini camp, where he suited up along side Drew Bledsoe and Terrell Owens.

Uh, guess no one told the Concordia Stingers that we run a 3-4 defense, meaning Sammy T is probably 4th string.

Meet the Cowboys chiropractor.

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