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Marcus Spears on NFL Total Access

Go over to the Cowboys website and check out the video they posted of Marcus Spears on the NFL Network's show, NFL Total Access. Spears is interviewed by Rich Eisen and Rod Woodson. Spears is a pretty entertaining interview and gives some good answers.

He said after his injury last year he had to get back quickly to get out of the doghouse with Bill. He had some good things to say about Terrell, that he's an inspiration to other players with how hard he works in practice. He said Owens was practicing in mini-camp like he was getting ready to play the first game, and that made other people practice harder.

Spears is like most of the rest of us; he thinks Dallas has great skill-position players so the o-line will determine how the offense goes.

Rich Eisen needs to quit pushing the idea that Owens should run to the star after his first home TD. With the new rules, it may be a penalty, and that will make Parcells blow his top.

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