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Jason Witten holds camp

Jason Witten recently held his football camp back in Tennessee. As much as we read about selfish professional athletes, it's good to see how many of these guys hold camps for kids in the offseason. Especially guys like Witten, who don't charge the kids but get sponsors to put up the money.

Tony Romo and Brett Pierce were on hand to help out.

Dallas Cowboys tight end Brett Pierce dropped a 50-yard pass from teammate Tony Romo. Enter Witten, who dashed up the field and held on to his heave from Romo, much to the delight of the adolescent army.

Remember all the way back to the draft, when there was plenty of talk about the Cowboys taking WR Santonio Holmes from Ohio State? Quite a few "experts" had this in their mock drafts. Well, it's a good thing that never happened. I don't know how Holmes' career will turn out, but they would be building a new wing onto the Parcells' Dog House in Dallas right about now. It would contain a room similar in security to Hannibal Lecter's room in Silence of the Lambs, just to house Holmes.

From ESPN:

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes was charged with domestic violence early Monday, police said.

Holmes was arrested at an apartment just after midnight and taken to Franklin County Jail, Sgt. Loucious Hollis said. He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning.


It was Holmes' second arrest since being selected in the first round of the NFL draft. He was arrested in South Beach, Fla., for disorderly conduct during a Memorial Day weekend crackdown by local authorities.

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