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All eyes on T.O.

Here are a couple of "T.O. goes to camp" stories for you this morning.

First up, Todd Archer at the DMN. Pretty standard stuff but I did like this paragraph - mainly because I've written the same thing a couple of times.

Owens has not participated in a practice since he was suspended and later deactivated by Philadelphia after seven games last season, but Ring of Honor receiver Michael Irvin heard some anxiousness in Owens' voice last week.

"I heard him say it; when you get something like this taken away from you, you realize how much you love it," Irvin said. "He loves the game, and he realizes he's in a good place."

I do believe that having the game taken away from him last year combined with the fact that he's on the wrong-side of 30 has probably affected him - in a positive way. He still will be cocky and occasionally say the wrong thing, but I believe he wants to make this work badly, if for no other reason than sticking it in everybody's face. Hey, whatever keeps him from blowing up the team is alright with me.

Here's Archer's check-list on things to watch about Owens in mini-camp.

Learning: Owens has been working with receivers coach Todd Haley for two weeks. This will be his first non-West Coast offense.

Chemistry with Drew Bledsoe: For both to succeed, they need to hit it off, and that starts with a weekend minicamp.

Getting to know Bill Parcells: He had issues with Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid, but neither has Parcells' sarcasm or aura.

Conditioning: It's never been a problem, but he was not a regular at the off-season program and hasn't had a full practice since November.

Jerry Jones: The owner is as excited as he has ever been to see what Owens can do for an offense that needs big-play help.

Next, Tom Osborn at the San Antonio News-Express writes on the Terrell Owens Experience. It's a tough article to read through because for some unknown reason, Osborn relies on the anti-christ Joe Theismann for quotes. So I'll breeze right by all that and bring you some quotes from Darren Woodson which are also included in the article.

"You wonder how (Owens) is going to deal with Parcells when Parcells jumps in his face, and that time is going to come sooner rather than later," former Dallas safety Darren Woodson told the Ticket 760.

Parcells has plenty of experience coaching headstrong players, including Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

"(Parcells) understands how to deal with Terrell Owens," said Woodson, now with ESPN. "The question is, how is Terrell Owens going to deal with Parcells when he drops a crucial ball? Parcells is not going to back down from anyone. I don't care who it is."

Parcells vs. Owens? That's like Godzilla vs. Mothra, good times for all.

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