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Kevin Burnett not particpating in mini-camp

Mickey Spags is excited about the start of today's mini-camp. So excited, he wrote some tortuous prose, like this sentence about Jerry Jones watching Terrell Owens at mini-camp.

You know he isn't going to miss the first step his $10-million man (for 2006) takes nor miss scrutinizing his investment and what some have termed, leap of faith to offer a safe haven - he hopes - to the enigmatic but explosive wide receiver.

That's one for the archives. Was Mick's editor hitting the hooch today?

But there were some coherent parts to Mickey's article. Like this:

The two outdoor practices fields out here at The Ranch were being lined and numbered late Thursday morning.

The indoor practice facility was bustling with noise, some serious football practice taking place this first day of June.

The actual locker room signs Bill Parcells is so fond of are back in place, ready to spread his subtle messages, especially to the new guys who will be putting helmets on for the first time.

That's more like it.

In case you were wondering about the headline; the Mick also confirms that Kevin Burnett will not paticipate in the mini-camp.

Even though he was out doing some agility-type drills with a few of his teammates while the Desperados were holding practice on Thursday, linebacker Kevin Burnett won't be taking part in this weekend's mini-camp. He's coming off that reconstructive knee surgery the beginning of January, so probably is a couple of months away, shooting for the start of training camp. Says he's coming along just fine. And now that the Cowboys released linebacker Kalen Thornton, Burnett is the only player expected to be held out of the mini-camp.

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