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Owens voted most popular by press

Terrell Owens held court in the Cowboys locker room before today's practice. Nothing earth-shattering was said, he answered all the questions - sometimes directly and sometimes not. Here's the DMN's take:

The Terrell Owens experience in Dallas started with a bang Friday as the wide receiver faced a throng of about 50 media members at the first day of three-day mini-camp.

Blitzed with questions about the past season in Philadelphia that ended in disaster, Owens said he was looking forward to a fresh start.

"You grow and learn from mistakes, and I think I've done that,'' he said. "I've had a long time to sit back and think about things that have transpired over the last year or so. I think I've learned from that.''


Among the highlights, Owens said he has never has expected to catch a certain amount of balls in any given season, that he and quarterback Drew Bledsoe have exchanged numerous phone calls and text messages and that he plans on spending a lot of time in Dallas, despite the fact he has a personal trainer and works out in Los Angeles and Atlanta..

In other news, we signed a big NT, and I do mean big!

The Cowboys signed defensive tackle Samuel Taulealea, who played for Berlin in NFL Europe as a non-allocated player. The 6-2, 340-pound Taulealea had eight tackles in seven games before suffering a knee injury.

He will take part in this weekend's mini-camp.

340 pounds!

Bill Parcells will hold a press conference later today, so check back for a recap.

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