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Parcells press conference 5/2/06

Bill Parcells was not discussing #81. All questions related to our new WR were summarily dismissed by the Tuna. But he did talk about a lot of other things.

On offense this year:
Hopes they've improved the offense, get more diversified. The 2-TE set is nothing new, just a case of how much they focus on it.

Can Lousaka Polite make the team?
Lousaka Polite needs to learn a new position, called the F-position; he also wants him to learn the tailback spot for some short-yardage runs.

Demetrius Summers?
He needs to learn he's on a day-to-day situation, he was late on his first day, so I talked to him and he knows it now.

On Drew Henson:
He had hoped for more from Henson. Thought it was good that he got the game experience. When pressed by the reporter, he couldn't detail what more he was looking for, it was just something in general. But he's got training camp coming up so he'll see then.

Parcells is expecting more a lot more this year from some of the 2nd year guys on defense and some vets from last year should be improved - mentioned Aaron Glenn. Said he was good last year but should be a lot better this year.

On Pat Watkins' size:
He said he couldn't remember seeing anybody that tall play safety, closest he could come up with was Ken Houston. But he noted that the prototypical player is much bigger nowadays.

Parcells discussed the Greg Ellis situation in-depth.
Said they had a talk recently, not as pleasant as some of their other talks but he thinks they've got things straightened out. Parcells said he'll continue to rotate the d-line this year and they're adding some new things to the package that will include Ellis. Said Ellis was one of two pressure guys they got and he shouldn't worry unless the team goes out and gets 2-3 more DeMarcus Ware's.

Parcells then pulled a nice spin/sell job on us by saying that it's good for Greg in a 3-4 defense because of his pass rush ability. In a 4-3, everybody has DE's that can rush, but in the 3-4 he's unique. Nice try Tuna, but I'm not buying that sales job.

Anyway, he also said that Ellis will play in a high percentage of plays this season and that Ellis is now with him on what they want to do. He then mentioned that he was unhappy that Ellis had been missing his offseason workouts.

On Flozell Adams:
Parcells said he was rusty and overweight, and that he wants him to get his weight down by July 1st. Also said Al Singleton is missing the mini-camp because he is getting married this weekend.

On Kevin Burnett:
They are targeting training camp for full-contact but Parcells isn't sure if that will happen or not. Said Burnett's rehab is coming along well.

On Rob Petitti:
Parcells said that Rob Petitti has had a good offseason and is one of the top 2-3 guys who are way ahead of where they were last year.

Parcells spent some time talking about the offensive line.
First he said if Flozell is healthy he will start. He also said Rivera will start at RG. At LG, he wouldn't commit to Kyle Kosier starting, saying he needed to see him up-close a little more. He said Stephen Peterman and Corey Proctor could get in the mix. (Reading through the lines he was saying its Kosier's job to lose). At RT, he said we have three guys in contention and he hopes one of them will step forward.

Coach said that the FS position is wide-open.
He said Keith Davis lined up there today and that they were working Marcus Coleman at CB for the mini-camp, although he could end up at FS. He also said that Jacques Reeves could get into the action along with Pat Watkins. Justin Beriault is a SS. It sounds like they want to see if Coleman can also still play corner, coach thought he was rusty and 10-pounds overweight.

On Skyler Green:
At the end of the presser coach took a shot at Skyler Green again, saying he needs to get his stamina up, he couldn't even keep up to Bledsoe in the running stamina department.

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