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Pat "Too Tall" Watkins

Back in the day, they used to affectionately call Cowboys DE Ed Jones, "Too Tall". It wasn't because he was too tall to play the position, but he was too tall to throw over, around, etc. Now we have safety Pat Watkins who's 6' 5" and just about the tallest safety around. The big problem? A lot of people thought 6' 5" was too tall for a safety, some going so far as to want to draft Watkins as a receiver. Not the Cowboys, they're used to players who are "Too Tall".

Read about Watkins here.

Petitti vs. Fabini vs. Colombo

Get your preview here.

Matt Mosley is back from vacation and answers a question about the Cowboys future QB, post-Bledsoe.

The quarterback decision could hinge on whether Bill Parcells sticks around after this season. For whatever reason, he keeps dismissing Drew Henson's progress. But Jerry Jones isn't ready to give up on Henson.

Unless Drew Bledsoe gets hurt, we'll never know what Romo can do. He's probably the most confident quarterback on the roster, but that doesn't mean he'll throw a pass this season.

As painful as this might be for some of you guys, the Cowboys just don't sound concerned about this position.

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