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Owens not the issue, offensive line the issue

John Czarnecki at FOX Sports post his Top 10 questions for the upcoming football season. His #1 question is about our own Terrell Owens and his behavior. Here's the weird thing, his question is about Terrell, but he spends his whole answer talking about our offensive line. The irony is that should be the big question about the Cowboys, anyway.

1. Dallas is talking Super Bowl now that Terrell Owens is a Cowboy, but won't he be a bigger distraction than a positive?

Owens figures to be on his best behavior this season. Dallas does have a playoff chance, but the biggest question is whether or not Kyle Kosier, who received $5 million to leave the Lions to replace future Hall of Famer Larry Allen, and RT Jason Fabini (an old lineman from the Jets) will be able to protect Drew "I Can't Scramble" Bledsoe. No matter how many times Owens is open, waving for the football, if Bledsoe is on his back (49 sacks last season), the Cowboys won't have any big-play ability. In every close game down the stretch, Bledsoe was constantly under pressure last season and throwing quite a few unwise interceptions.

Marco Rivera is running a football camp in Puerto Rico, which seems like as good a place as any to hold a camp. Sun, beaches, etc. But Rivera isn't doing it for a nice vacation spot, he has Puerto Rican roots. He's trying to drive up interest in the game on the island.

"Football is growing in Puerto Rico. It didn't exist on island. But I believe football is there to stay," Rivera told the Daily News during a phone interview prior to the camp. "Puerto Rico has great athletes but football is different. Parents are like, 'Oh my God, that's a brutal sport, my kid's going to get hurt.' That's what we're down there to do: Teach the correct way to play."

Brutal sport indeed, that's why we love it. Rivera managed to talk some of his teammates into helping out, like Julius Jones.

Rivera's Dallas teammate, running back Julius Jones, helped kids learn the ropes of his position. Green Bay's William Henderson did weight training. Cowboys guard Stephen Peterman oversaw offensive line drills while defensive back Nate Jones demonstrated how to shadow and defend a wide receiver.

This guy thinks the NFC East will be between Dallas and Philly. So far, our poll here at BTB says it will be Dallas and the Giants. But there's still time to vote over on the right-hand side of the blog.

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