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Living with Terrell

It's almost like they could make a sitcom out of it. I can hear the pitch now. "You see, the main guy is a loud-mouth, brash superstar and he plays for this high-profile team, he's named Terrell. But he's got two guys on either side of his locker that are scrubs, J.R. and Brett. Shenanigans and hi-jinx follow as the scrubs get trampled each week by the media horde. We'll throw in a cantankerous old-school coach and a wacky owner who loves plastic surgery. It will be hilarious."

Brett Pierce and J.R. Tolver make their TV debut in "Living with Terrell", a new comedy this fall on Sundays.

"I've been telling my friends and family I'm going to get a tape recorder and a camera myself and I'm going to write a book about this whole season," J.R. Tolver said. "Any publicity is good publicity . . . people have called me and said, 'Hey, I saw your locker on TV.' So I'll take it right now."


"I've talked to him quite a bit. He's a nice guy - I think he's going to be a very good fit," Brett Pierce said. "I'll have to put up a fence, maybe draw some lines on the floor though if it keeps up like this."

JJT is all up in arms over the Cowboys "silence being deafening." No, he's not talking about Parcells not talking about Owens. That's so last week. This week's disrespecting from the Cowboys brain-trust concerns defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

So maybe there's some other reason the Cowboys are letting Zimmer enter the final year of his contract. Maybe Dallas thinks it can simply find a better coordinator for the 3-4 defense. After all, Zimmer isn't a 3-4 guy.

His scheme of choice is the 4-3. That's what he's coached most of his life and that's where he feels most comfortable.

It would be nice for the Cowboys to say something. Their silence is deafening.

OK, I didn't even know this was an issue. Maybe it's not and JJT just needed something to write this week. Whatever the case, there's no use worrying about it until Parcells does his inevitable "to retire or not to retire" soliloquy at the end of the season. All coaching decisions will have to wait for that one.

JJT also answered his mail. Most of it was boring stuff except this one question.

Q: It seems like every year one player tears it up all through camp and then disappears as soon as the season starts. Who is your pick for "Most Likely to Disappoint" this year?

JJT: ... That said, here's my guess, though I reserve the right to change my mind without getting any I-told-you-so's from my loyal readers. I'm going to say Grambling's Jason Hatcher, Dallas' third-round pick. He has the tools to be a really good player, but his technique remains questionable at this point of his career, and with Chris Canty, Marcus Spears and Greg Ellis, there isn't going to be any reason to rush a young defensive end. I think he'll be a good player down the road, but he might not make a big contribution this season.

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